środa, 17 kwietnia 2013

Newsy/Heat/Inne :)

JJ byl wczoraj z Caterina. Jaymi z Olly'm a nie wiadomo gdzie byli George i Josh :) Chcecie kilka faktow o Caterinie ? jak tak to piszcie bo kilka mam :)
1.Chlopcy w "Heat" :)

2.Chlopcy mowia o teledysku :)
Your Daily Star was invited on set for an exclusive first look at the video shoot for debut single Carry You, and can confirm it will set pop fans’ hearts pounding. The story starts with the four lads each doing their own thing, before meeting up and playing to a screaming crowd.

“It’s all about how we were individuals with our own identities but came together as one band,” the boys explain, almost in unison.

“Carry You is about getting support from people around you. The fans are helping us and we are helping them. It’s a good upbeat pop tune we hope everyone will love.” beams George, 19, as we shelter inside the tour bus.

Fresh from filming a scene where he rides in on his bike, JJ, 24, chips in: “We all came from four different places to sing together as one band. And that’s what the video represents. “Josh is the worrier and serious one, George is the computer geek and the creative one, Jaymi is the parent and the demanding one. I’m just the laid back one.”

Jaymi grins: “I have just moved into a new apartment and it is so much fun. It’s a good party pad. My flat is big enough to invite everyone round for a party. Some fans tried to sneak in recently as they found out where we lived.”
3.Backstage sesji do "Carry You" :)

4.Nowe zdjecie Cateriny :)

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